Papers by William Milne in the
EMS Proceedings and Notes

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Triangles Triply in Perspective (with C McLeod) Vol 28 (1909) 148-151
The Focal Circles of Circular Cubics Vol 29 (1910) 12-16
A Property of the Harmonic Triangle of the Complete Quadrangle formed by the four points of contact of the four tangents to the Cubic Curve from a point on it Vol 29 (1910) 2-5
The Focal and Bi-Tangent Properties of Bi-Circular Quartics Vol 29 (1910) 90-99
The system of cubic curves circumscribing two triangles and apolar to them Vol 30 (1911) 2-12
An easy geometrical representation of the Sextic Covariant of a Binary Quartic Vol 30 (1911) 65-66
Further Investigations on Circular Cubics and Bi-Circular Quartics Vol 30 (1911) 75-88
A system of nonagons nonuply in perspective Vol 31 (1912) 90-93
The arithmetic mean of a number of real positive numbers is not less than their geometric mean Notes: 9 (1912)

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