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EMS Proceedings and Notes

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Note on an approximate fractional expression for the expansion of (1 + x)n to any odd number of terms Vol X (1891) 21-23
On the smallest number of entries necessary in a table of logarithms to seven decimal spaces Vol X (1891) 35-37
On lines of magnetic force Vol X (1891) 44-45
Note on the number of numbers less than a given number and prime to it Vol XII (1893) 23-24
Geographical models Vol XII (1893) 24-25
The pedal triangle Vol XII (1893) 85
Note on the Formula for tan (A+B) Vol XIV (1895) 122
On the envelope of the Simson line of a polygon Vol XIV (1895) 122-126
The Equation x3 - u3 = y3- v3 when x, y, u, v are rational Vol 34 (1915) 11-17
Amsler's planimeter Vol VII (1888) 25-26
The value of cos 2π/17 expressed in quadratic radicals. Vol VII (1888) 4-5
Note on the regular solids Vol VII (1888) 66
A certain cubic connected with the triangle Vol VII (1888) 66-67
A special case of the three-bar motion Vol VIII (1889) 5-15
On the solution of the differential equation dnx/dtn + P1dn-1x/dtn-1 + ... + Pn-1dx/dt + Pnx = 0 Notes: 19 (1915)

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