Colloquium photo 1955

Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1955

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BACK ROW, H Jack, H P Rogosinski, J Fulton, H Schneider, I R Porteous, D G Palmer, Miss E M Hartley, D H Smith, D H McLain, D A R Wallace, J D Murray, S Robertson, Miss J B Constable, Prof L Motchane, Mrs L Motchane, J G Taylor, Mrs J G Taylor, J G Brennan, A J Weir, Miss A Copson, A G Vosper, Miss A B Sutherland, H Minc, Miss J A C Bingham, P Cohn, M P Drazin, M A Hoskin

THIRD ROW, E M Patterson, J Cossar, R P Pearce, M J Newell, Mrs J Geoghegan, W N Everitt, C A B Smith, Prof H Schwerdtfeger, Mrs W W Rogosinski, Mrs R Smart, Mrs R Schlapp, R Schlapp, L M Brown, T S Graham, H A Thurston, D Borwein, H M Melvin, R P Gillespie, Mrs R P Gillespie, Miss E A McHarg, B H Neumann, D Maartin, K Gruenberg, P Heywood, N J S Hughes, Mrs N J S Hughes, I M H Etherington, S D Silvey, W A Donaldson, D E Rutherford, J R Gray, M Kennedy, R A Robb

SECOND ROW (SEATED), Prof A Erdelyi, H G Anderson, W L Edge, J M Rushforth, Prof R A Rankin, H O Foulkes, Prof A M MacBeath, Mrs L M Brown, Prof A C Aitken, C W Kilmister, Prof H W Turnbull, Mrs C W Kilmister, Prof B van der Pol, Mrs A C Aitken, Prof J L Synge, Mrs A Erdelyi, Prof W W Rogosinski, P Vermes, Sir E T Whittaker, Mrs P Vermes, Prof E T Copson, Mrs J L Mott, Prof P Hall, J L Mott, M F Atiyah, Miss P Vermes, Prof A C Zaanen, Mrs A C Zaanen, Mrs E Steifel, Mrs F Loonstra, Prof E Stiefel, Mrs J de Groot, Prof J de Groot, Miss Synge, Mrs J L Synge, Mrs S D Silvey, Mrs E T Copson, Miss A M Moore, Lady Whittaker, R Smart

FRONT ROW, J OKeefe, E M Wilson, Prof A P Guinand, H S A Potter, L G Chambers, H D Deas, Miss C M Hamill, Master P Zaanen, Master H Zaanen, Prof L Loonstra, Master Stiefel, Miss J Etherington, W Ledermann

Names in green have entries in the Davis archive of women graduates

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