Colloquium photo 1996

Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1996

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BACK ROW, Dr G Pfeiffer, Mr B Soares, Dr J D Howroyd, Mr M Orzechowski, Dr E J Rayner, Dr M R Jerrum,

FOURTH ROW, Dr N Watt, Ms S J van Willigenberg, Prof J Wojciechowski, Dr C J Smyth, Prof K J Falconer, Dr T O'Neil, Dr M J Crabb, Dr J J O'Connor, Dr T H Jackson,

THIRD ROW, Prof R McCasland, Prof D Borwein, Dr T B Fugard, Dr W B Stewart, Prof G E Murphy, Dr B Thorpe, Prof P H Hjorth, Dr S Linton, Dr D J H Garling,

SECOND ROW, Dr P B Guest, Dr E Stoimenova, Dr J C Amson, Dr F Smithies, Prof R R Hall, Dr P M Lee, Dr J G Basterfield, Dr J M O Mitchell,

FRONT ROW, Dr P Heywood, Prof P F Smith, Prof G Grimmett, Prof D Zagier, Prof P Diaconis, Prof M D Atkinson, Mr C G Johnson,

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