Edinburgh Mathematical Society Colloquium in St Andrews in 1980

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BACK ROW, Dr R J Steiner, Dr Derek Hacon, Prof Elmer Rees, Mr John Taylor, Dr R F Moss, Dr Lin Sulley, Dr M Nair, Dr M J Beetham, Prof M E Muldoon, Dr T J Laffey, Dr Kyle, Mr Milos Ljeskovac, Dr B Thorpe, Dr W G Griffin, Dr J Popoola, Dr J J O'Connor, Miss Brambilla-Paz, Dr Richard Woolfson, Dr W B Stewart, Mr S P Smith, Dr W A Sutherland, Dr Roy Dyckhoff, Dr Grant Walker, Mr N L Biggs, Dr A G Robertson, Mr R M Wood, Mr A A Jagers, Dr R J Cook, Mr Miles Hoare , Dr Woodward, Mr Stephen A Slebarski, Mr J J Gray, Dr Robert Dawlings, Prof E M Patterson, Dr E F Robertson, Dr A D Sands, Dr R J A Lambourne, Dr C J F Upton, Dr Fereidoun Ghahramani, Mr Con O'Leary, Prof E R Love,

FIRST STANDING ROW, Mrs Judith Conlan, Prof James Conlan, Dr H Freedman, Dr Peter Neumann, Dr A W Chatters, Prof D Munn, Dr A R Camina, Dr J C Robson, Prof D A R Wallace, Mrs Catherine Minc, Prof Henryk Minc, Mrs P J Kilmister, Prof C W Kilmister, Miss S J Kilmister, Dr G D Finlay, Dr D Martin, Prof J Duncan, Dr A C McBride, Dr Thomas A Whitelaw, Dr D Stirling, Prof Christine Ayoub, Prof Raymond Ayoub, Dr Julio Alcantara-Bode, Mrs Joan Patterson, Dr Bessie Borwein, Prof David Borwein, Mrs E R Love, Dr John Shackell, Dr Francis Rayner,

SEATED, Prof W L Edge, Prof W A J Luxemburg, Prof R A Rankin, Mrs Mary Rankin, Prof A W Goldie, Prof J M Howie, Prof R W Carter, Prof C St J A Nash-Williams, Prof M F Atiyah, Prof T S Blyth, Prof Edward Curtis, Prof P R Halmos, Dr G R Allen, Dr C M Campbell, Dr J C Amson, Prof Joseph H Oppenheim, Prof K A Hirsch, Dr Dorothy M E Foster, Dr F Smithies, Mrs N S Smithies,

ON GROUND, Mrs W A J Luxemburg, Jacqueline Luxemburg, Ron Luxemburg, Mrs Anne Ljeskovac, Miss Camilla Conlan, Dr Van Geel, Mrs Van Geel-Vos, Patrick Heinicke, Mrs Elizabeth Heinicke, Sheila Heinicke, Dr Allan Heinicke, Mr Norman Fenton, Mr Peter David Williams, Mr Denis Williams, Joanna Beetham, Mr Derek McLean, Prof C S Sharma, Mr Robert Lockhart, Ms Juliet Offner, Mrs Elizabeth Hoggar, Prof T P Branson, Dr Stuart Hoggar, Mr T Ito, Mr C F Bodigheimer, Dr Zafer Mahmud, Dr Gardiner, Mr P M Williams, Dr Elizabeth McHarg, Mr Mike Hopkins, Ms Carol Jenkins,

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