Meeting of 11 November 1892

Location: Edinburgh Institution, Edinburgh

Chair: Alison, John

McCowan, John: "Note on the solution of partial differential equations by the method of reciprocation"
Peddie, William: "On the use of dimensional equations", [Abstract]

Hunter, A M
Tamborrel, Joaquin De Mendizábal

President: Alison, John
Vice-president: Knott, Cargill Gilston
Honorary Secretary: Clark, John B
Honorary Treasurer: Wilson, John
Editors of Proceedings:
Knott, Cargill Gilston
Pressland, Arthur John
Butters, John Watt
McCowan, John
Peddie, William
Tweedie, Charles
Wallace, William

The annual financial statement showed a balance in favour of the Society of 7/3/1.

The chairman referred to the loss sustained by the Society by the departure of Robert Edgar Allardice to California.

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