Meeting of 13 June 1904

Location: Edinburgh Institution

Chair: Thomson, William L; Mackay, John Sturgeon

Pinkerton, Peter: "The turning of values of a cubic and the nature of the roots of a cubic equation"
Tweedie, Charles: "Note on Newton's theorem of symmetric functions"
Pinkerton, Peter: "Note on the problem: To draw through a given point a transversal to (a) a given triangle (b) a given quadrilateral so that the intercepted segments may have (a) a given ratio (b) a given cross ratio", [Title]

John Sturgeon Mackay stated that the index-volume to volume I-XX of the Proceedings would be ready for issue before the next session. It was agreed to print 500 copies.

It was also agreed that a notice should be inserted on the cover of the Proceedings stating that non-members would be able to purchase copies of the Proceedings through messeurs Williams and Norgate.

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