Meeting of 10 March 1905

Location: United Free Church Training College, Glasgow

Chair: Thomson, William L

Burgess, Alexander George: "On the orthoptic locus of the semi-cubical parabola", [Title]
Holm, Alexander: "Determination of the radii of the circles which touch three given circles"
Muirhead, Robert Franklin: "Some proofs of Newton's theorem on sums of powers of roots"
Muirhead, Robert Franklin: "A proof of Waring's expression for Sigmaalphar in terms of the coefficients of an equation"

Blades, Edward
Comrie, Peter
Dixon, A C
Doig, J A
Dunbar, John G
Innes, Peter D
Jeffrey, John
Lang, Archibald
McLeod, Peter
Mutch, A M C
Nicholson, R J
Ramsay, Peter
Ross, A J
Thompson, H F
Thompson, W L

Dr James Erskine-Murray exhibited his Differentiation Machine.

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