Meeting of Saturday 9 June 1923

Location: United College, North Street, St Andrews

Chair: Milne, Archibald

Steggall, John Edward Aloysius: "Notes on the equations of the epicycloids and hypocycloids", [Title]
Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "Note on the inversion geometry of bicircular quartics", [Title]
Saddler, William: "Geometrical interpretation of a few concomitants of the cubic in the Argand plane", [Proceedings, session 42 (23/24)]
Vaidyanathaswami, R: "Note on an extension of the harmonic relation between two conics", [Title]
Eastwood, George Samuel: "On tubes of force in a special class of electromagnetic fields", [Title]
Gabbat, J P: "On the non-Euclidean analogues of Tarry's point", {Read by title}
Sommerville, Duncan M Y: "Space-filling tetrahedra in Euclidean space", {Read by title}
Green, S L: "On the relation between two quadrics which are such that the edges of an icosahedron inscribed in one are tangents to the other", [Title] {Read by title}

Eastwood, George Samuel
Edwards, John Stanley
McKinnell, John
Munro, James
Pope, A Hedley
Walker, Henry

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