Meeting of Friday 7 March 1924

Location: Edinburgh University

Chair: Milne, Archibald

Beatty, S: "On the rearrangement of terms in a complex series", [Proceedings, session 43] {Communicated by Bevan B Baker.}
Lord, Frank: "Analytical expressions for Zeuner's and other valve diagrams", [Title] {Communicated by Ellice Martin Horsburgh}
Nassau, Jason J: "Some axi-symmetric determinant with integers for elements", [Proceedings, session 43] {Communicated by David Gibb.}
Copson, Edward Thomas: "The conservation theorems of a damped dynamical system"

Close, Leo J
Twomey, Timothy C

The Société Mathématique de France was to hold their fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the society in Paris from May 22nd to 24th, and had sent a letter requesting representatives from the Edinburgh Mathematical Society. Professor Edmund Taylor Whittaker and Dr Bevan B Baker were appointed.

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