Meeting of Friday 5 November 1926

Location: Mathematical Institute, Edinburgh University

Chair: Turnbull, Herbert Westren

Hyslop, James: "A theorem on the integral of Stieltjes", [Proceedings, Vol. XLIV]
Baker, Henry Frederick: "On general curves lying on a quadric", [Proceedings, Vol. I, Series 2] {Communicated by Herbert W Turnbull. Title in minutes: "Symbolic algebra and rational curves on quadrics"}
Richmond, H W: "A note upon some properties of the curve of striction", [Proceedings, Vol. XLIV] {Title in minutes: "Note on the line of striction"}
Whittaker, John Macnaughten: "An addition theorem for the Mathieu functions", [Not printed in an EMS publication] {Read by title}

Financial report:
Cash account: 26/11/5
The chief feature of the report was that, in his ten years of office; the treasurer had succeeded in his aim of building up an invested capital reserve of 400. The report was presented at the December meeting, due to the unavoidable absence of the treasurer, Ellice Martin Horsburgh, at the November meeting.

President: Turnbull, Herbert Westren
Vice-President: Saddler, William
Honorary Secretary: Copson, Edward Thomas
Honorary Treasurer: Horsburgh, Ellice Martin
Honorary Librarian: Gibb, David

Editors of Proceedings:
MacRobert, Thomas M
Turnbull, Herbert Westren

Editor of Notes:
Aitken, Alexander Craig

Arthur, William
Eastwood, George Samuel
Hyslop, James
Lockhart, J B
Milne, Archibald
Weatherhead, K K
Whittaker, Edmund Taylor

The chairman remarked upon the great losses suffered by the society since last meeting in the death of two members, Sir Peter Scott Lang and Mr Peter Ramsay. The former, the Emeritus Professor of Mathematics of St Andrews University, had been a member from its earliest days, and had joined the society in the fifth session (1886-87). Mr Peter Ramsay had done a great deal of hard work in the interests of the society as a member of committee, as honorary secretary, as president and as editor of the Mathematical Notes. Many of the present members had been his pupils at George Watson's College, Edinburgh.

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