Meeting of Friday 1 November 1929

Location: Mathematical Institute, Edinburgh University

Chair: Arthur, William

Lidstone, G J: "On the extention of Aitken's theorem (on polynomial interpolation) to the Everett Types", [Proceedings, Vol. II, Series 2] {Communicated by A C Aitken}
Turnbull, Herbert Westren: "A matrix form of Taylor's theorem", [Proceedings, Vol. II, Series 2]
Sen, Rabindra Nath: "Spherical simplexes in n-dimensions", [Proceedings, Vol. II, Series 2] {Read by title}

Brown, L M

Financial report:
Capital account: 49/10/5
Cash account: 75/11/6
Invested capital: 500
There had been a record income from sale of publications of 126/10/10.

President: Steggall, John Edward Aloysius
Vice-President: Aitken, Alexander Craig
Honorary Secretary: Copson, Edward Thomas
Honorary Treasurer: Lockhart, J B
Honorary Librarian: Gibb, David

Editors of Proceedings:
Turnbull, Herbert Westren
Saddler, William

Editor of Mathematical Notes:
Arthur, William

McGregor, L (Miss)
Black, T P
Eastwood, George Samuel
Hyslop, James
Lidstone, G J
MacRobert, Thomas Murray
Ruse, H S
Whittaker, Edmund Taylor

Auditors of the Treasurer's accounts:
Aitken, Alexander Craig
Ruse, H S

Dr Lidstone's paper was followed by a discussion.
The Faculty of Actuaries and the Institute of Actuaries had recently presented a gold medal to Dr Lidstone, and the secretary was instructed to convey the society's congratulations.

Great interest was also shown in Professor Turnbull's successful attempt to expand a scalar function f(X+A) of two matrices A, X as a Taylor series.

Professor Steggall thanked the Society for electing him to the chair (for a third time) in his last year as Professor at Dundee. He said that he would always remember his membership of the society with pleasure.

It was decided that the summer meeting of the society should be held at Dundee instead of St Andrews.

The meeting began at 6.15 pm and adjourned at 7.55 pm.

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