General Meeting Minutes for 1949

A meeting of members of the Colloquium was held on 9th September 1949.

The following resolutions were passed:
  1. That this meeting is in favour of the holding of regular mathematical colloquia.

  2. That a committee, to be called the Committee for the British Mathematical Colloquium, be appointed to make arrangements for future meetings, with the powers to co-opt.

  3. That the following be the committee

    H A Heilbronn (Bristol)
    W V D Hodge (Cambridge)
    W Ledermann (Manchester)
    M H A Newman (Manchester)
    D Pedoe (London)
    H R Pitt (Belfast)
    W W Rogosinski (Newcastle-on-Tyne)
    H S Ruse (Leeds)
    F Smithies (Cambridge)
    A G Walker (Sheffield)
    J H C Whitehead (Oxford)
    E M Wright (Aberdeen)
A general discussion then took place. It was agreed that discussion sessions should be longer at future meetings; and that there should be a meeting in 1950. On a show of hands the following preferences were expressed for dates:

Easter 13
July 9
September 20

It was agreed that while the London Mathematical Society should be kept informed, the time had not yet come to approach them with a view to their official participation.

Minutes signed by M H A Newman on 13 April 1950.