Committee Meeting Minutes for 1950

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Jesus College, Oxford on April 13th, 1950.
  1. After discussion, Professor Heilbronn was asked to make arrangements for a meeting in Bristol in September 1951. It was suggested that the meeting should be held on the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of the second week of September.
    Professor Burchnall reported that accommodation could probably [inserted word!] be found for the Colloquium in Durham in 1952. or later.
    Professor Broadhurst was asked to investigate the possibility of holding a meeting at the Royal Naval College, Greenwich at some future date.
  2. The following elections were made:
    Chairman: J H C Whitehead
    Chairman of the organising committee: H A Heilbronn
    Secretary and treasurer: C S Davis
    Mr Davis was co-opted on to the Committee.
  3. It was agreed that the general arrangements for accommodation and for lectures and discussions should be the same as in 1950 (see Minutes 4 & 5 of 1949).
  4. It was agreed that the three days should be devoted to Analysis, Algebra and Geometry respectively, and that the organisers should aim at homogeneity in the morning lecture and talks.
    The following suggestions were also made:
    1) that an evening session should be devoted to symbolic logic,
    2) that the analysis talks and lecture should be mainly on real variable theory,
    3) that the Algebra should include something on infinite groups,
    4) that the Geometry should be introduced by a lecture on Harmonic Integrals, and that the talks should include something on differential geometry in the large.
  5. The Chairman was instructed to convey the thanks of the Colloquium to
    1) Jesus College, for the provision of accommodation,
    2) Professor Hinchelwood, for the use of the Physical Chemistry Lecture Theatre,
    3) Dr Alexander, for arranging library facilities.
  6. The Secretary was instructed to consult with Dr Hirsch in preparation of a report of the 1950 meeting for publication in 'Nature' and possibly in other journals.
Minutes signed by J H C Whitehead on Sept. 12th 1951.