Committee Meeting Minutes for 1951

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Wills Hall, Bristol, on September 12th, 1951.
  1. The minutes of the Committee Meeting held at Oxford in 1950 were read and approved.
  2. The following elections were made:

    Chairman: H A Heilbronn
    Chairman of the organising committee: L M Milne-Thomson
    Secretary and treasurer: P M Hunt
    Mr P M Hunt was co-opted on to the Committee.
  3. The suggestions made at the General Meeting were discussed, and it was agreed

    (i) that D.S.I.R. be notified of the next meeting so that insertion might be made in their annual list of scientific meetings. It is to be made clear that such an insertion is not to constitute a general invitation;

    (ii) that the Universities Bureau of the British Commonwealth (5 Gordon Square, London, W.C.1) and the Society for Visiting Scientists (5 Old Burlington St., London, W.1) be notified of future meetings;

    (iii) that in general the one-hour lectures should be suitable for non-specialists and the half-hour lectures for specialists.
  4. The programme for the 1952 Colloquium was discussed and it was agreed that if possible one day should be devoted to each of analysis, geometry and algebra.

    It was agreed that H Hopf or B L van der Waerden should be invited as visiting lecturer.

    Detailed suggestions were made for the programme and a copy of these have been forwarded to Professor Milne-Thomson.
  5. Professor Burchnall suggested that the 1953 Colloquium might be held in Durham, and that accommodation would be available for about 150 persons (in two Colleges).
  6. The Constitution of the Committee was discussed and it was agreed that

    (i) members should resign after attending four consecutive Committee Meetings and as a rule should not be eligible for immediate re-election;

    (ii) Committee members absent from a Colloquium should as a rule resign.
  7. The Chairman was instructed to convey the thanks of the Colloquium to

    (i) the Warden of Wills Hall, for the provision of accommodation;

    (ii) Professor Field, for the use of the Senior Common Room.
Minutes signed by L M Milne-Thomson [undated].