Committee Meeting Minutes for 1953

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Hatfield College, Durham on September 9th 1953 at 9.0p.m.
  1. Professor J L Burchnall was appointed Chairman for the ensuing year.
  2. The minutes of the committee meeting held at Greenwich in 1952 were read and approved.
  3. It was decided that "following the Cambridge Colloquium the Chairman of the Organising Committee be also Chairman of the Colloquium".
  4. The following elections were made:

    Chairman of the Organising Committee: Professor W V D HODGE,
    Deputy Chairman of the Organising Committee: Dr P J HILTON,
    Secretary and treasurer: Mr C B HASELGROVE.

    Mr Haselgrove was co-opted on to the committee.
    (A Deputy Chairman of the Organising Committee was elected as Professor Hodge could not be in Cambridge during the Colloquium).
  5. The programme for the 1954 Colloquium was discussed and it was agreed that one day should be devoted to each of, ALGEBRA, ANALYSIS and ALGEBRAIC GEOMETRY in that order.
  6. It was suggested that the 1955 Colloquium should be in Exeter and that Professor T A Brown be asked to look into this matter. Failing that Edinburgh was mentioned.
  7. It was decided to send a telegram to Dr Relton regretting his absence from the Colloquium at Durham.
Minutes signed by J V Whitworth (Organising Secretary) September 1953 and T Arnold Brown 7/4/54.