Committee Meeting Minutes for 1954

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Pembroke College Cambridge on April 7th 1954 at 9.30 pm.
  1. Professor T A Brown was appointed chairman and chairman of the organising committee.
  2. The minutes of the committee meeting held at Durham in 1953 were read and approved.
  3. Dr H Halberstam was elected Secretary and Treasurer; he was co-opted on to the committee.
  4. It was decided to hold the next Colloquium in September 1955 if that was possible.
  5. The programme for the 1955 Colloquium was discussed. It was agreed that one day should be devoted to each of Probability with Logic and Foundations, Analysis with Number Theory, and Topology.
  6. It was decided to send a telegram to Dr Relton regretting his absence from the Colloquium at Cambridge.
Minutes unsigned.