General Meeting Minutes for 1956

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in St Salvator's College, St. Andrews at 8.00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 5th , 1956.

Professor E T Copson was in the chair.
  1. The minutes of the General Meeting held in Exeter in 1955 were read and approved.
  2. The accounts for the Colloquium held in Exeter were approved.
  3. The meeting was informed that an invitation had been received from Professsor H R Pitt to hold the next Colloquium in Nottingham.
  4. Professor W W Rogosinski and Dr P J Hilton retired from the Committee.
  5. Professors H R Pitt and H Davenport were elected to the Committee.
  6. The question of foreign guests was raised by Professor M H A Newman, who said that the Committee should not feel itself bound always to invite two foreign mathematicians. He suggested that, since the Colloquium was primarily for British mathematicians, it might be better to have a British speaker in place of one of the foreign guests.
  7. After some discussion it was decided to continue to hold the Colloquium during the first fortnight in September.
  8. A vote of thanks was passed to the guest lecturers, Professor G W de Rham and Professor A Weil.
  9. Professor T A Brown thanked the University of St. Andrews for its hospitality.
Minutes signed by D G Northcott [undated]