Committee Meeting Minutes for 1957

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the University Club, Nottingham at 9.15 p.m. on Thursday September 12th, 1957.
  1. Professor R Rado was appointed Chairman.
  2. Mr J E Reeve was elected Secretary and coopted on to the Committee.
  3. The Minutes of the Committee meeting at St Andrews in 1956 were read and approved.
  4. Business Arising
    (a) The Secretary reported that a donation of £50 had been made to the International Congress. A letter from Professor W V D Hodge was read requesting that the Committee consider the possibility of increasing its donation.
    (b) The Secretary reported that the British Council were unable to contribute towards the expenses of the foreign visitors.
  5. It was decided that no immediate increase should be made in the Colloquium Membership Fee.
  6. The programme for the 1958 Colloquium was discussed and it was decided that
    (a) the guest speaker(s) should be drawn from foreign mathematicians already in the United Kingdom.
    (b) that one day should be devoted to each of (i) Analysis and Statistics (ii) Algebra and Logic (iii) Geometry and Topology.
    (c) the Chairman should have discretionary powers to rearrange the programme as may be necessary.
  7. It was decided to donate a further £50 to the funds of the International Congress.
  8. The Secretary was requested to convey the Committee's thanks to the Warden's of the Halls of Residence.
  9. The Committee thanked the Organizing Secretaries for the arrangements made on their behalf.
Minutes signed by J L B Cooper [undated].