General Meeting Minutes for 1958

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Faculty of Letters Building of the University of Reading at 8.15 p.m. on Thursday, March 27th , 1958.

Professor R Rado was in the chair.
  1. The Minutes of the General Meeting held in Nottingham in 1957 were read and approved.
  2. The Chairman welcomed the two guest speakers Professor J Neyman and Professor J Milnor.
  3. The accounts of the Colloquium held in Nottingham were approved and the meeting was informed that following a decision made at the Committee meeting in Nottingham a further donation of £50 had been made to the Edinburgh International Congress thus bringing the total donation made by the British Mathematical Colloquium to £100.
  4. The meeting was reminded that an invitation had been received from Professor J L B Cooper to hold the next Colloquium in Cardiff. By a show of hands it was agreed to allow the Committee to fix the date for sometime in September 1959.

    The meeting was also reminded that in 1957 the Committee was instructed to consider the advisability of raising the Membership Fee. The meeting was informed that at the subsequent meeting of the Committee in 1957 it was decided to make no immediate increase in the Fee.
  5. The meeting was informed that an apology for absence had been received from Professor D G Northcott. The following retired from the Committee: Professor G A Barnard, Dr R Cooper, Professor H Davenport, Dr W Ledermann, Professor D G Northcott, Professor R Rado and Dr J A Todd.

    The following were elected to the Committee: Dr P Du Val, Dr N D Hayes, Professor A M Macbeath, Professor H R Pitt, Dr D Rees, Dr J H Williamson and Dr T J Willmore.
  6. Dr A J Macintyre proposed and the meeting agreed that letters of greeting be sent to the Indian Mathematical Society and to the Calcutta Mathematical Society on their jubilees.

    Dr K Hirsch, speaking on behalf of the London Mathematical Society, urged that that Society would welcome any new members.

    Professor H R Pitt proposed a vote of thanks to the organisers of the Colloquium.
Minutes unsigned.