Committee Meeting Minutes for 1959

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Aberdare Hall, Cardiff on 17 September 1959.
  1. Professor W H McCrea was elected Chairman.
  2. Dr Mary Bradburn was elected Secretary and Treasurer and was co-opted onto the Committee.
  3. The minutes of the Reading committee meeting were read and approved.
  4. After a discussion of the charges for accommodation, the proposal of Dr Wylie, that estimates of costs be obtained and taken into account while considering invitations for future colloquia, was accepted by vote.
  5. After a discussion of the duplication of the principal lectures it was decided

    a) not to duplicate the proceedings of the Cardiff Colloquium,

    b) to express appreciation of the work done by Reading but not to recommend the duplication of proceedings of future colloquia.
  6. It was proposed to hold the next Colloquium at Royal Holloway College on 6-8 September 1960 (subject to the discretion of the Chairman).
  7. It was proposed to invite one foreign guest speaker, with the possibility of a second should financial assistance be available.
  8. Invitations from Belfast, Liverpool and Southampton for 1961 and from Shrivenham for 1961 or 1963 were considered.

    It was decided to recommend the acceptance of the Liverpool invitation for 1961.
  9. It was resolved to open an account with Barclay's Bank, Egham.
  10. The Committee expressed their thanks to the retiring Chairman and Secretary.
Minutes signed by A G Walker 8 September 1960.