Committee Meeting Minutes for 1960

A meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held at Royal Holloway College on Thursday, 8th September 1960 at 9.15 p.m.

Present. Professor W H McCrea, Professor J L B Cooper, Professor F F Bonsall, Dr P Du Val, Dr N D Hayes, Professor W K Hayman, Professor P J Hilton, Professor A M Macbeath, Dr H Neumann, Dr M F Newman, Professor H R Pitt, Professor D Rees, Professor A G Walker, Dr J H Williamson, Dr T J Willmore, Dr S Wylie.
Dr H Bradburn (Secretary 1959 - 60).

Professor A G Walker was appointed Chairman. Dr A J Ledger was elected Secretary and Treasurer 1960-61 and was coopted onto the Committee.

The minutes of the Committee meeting held at Cardiff on 17th September were read and approved.

The Committee approved the arrangements for the next Colloquium to be held in Liverpool, 5th - 9th September 1961. The programme for the 1961 Colloquium was discussed. It was decided to invite two foreign guest speakers and it was suggested that a third guest speaker might be invited from Eastern Europe if this could be done without incurring heavy expenditure.
It was decided that the lecturers during the morning session should be asked to speak for 45 minutes, that there should be a 5 minute break between lectures and that the coffee break should be extended.

It was agreed to follow up the suggestion that the 1962 Colloquium should be held during the Easter vacation at Southampton. Failing this the Chairman was asked to explore the possibility of meeting at Dundee, Hull or Imperial College.
An invitation from Shrivenham for 1963 was noted with pleasure.

It was recommended that a letter should be sent from the British Mathematical Colloquium to the Birmingham Conference on Sixth form teaching in relation to University requirements, expressing support for the aims and objects of the Conference. It was agreed to invite Professor Hilton to report on the conference at the next Colloquium.

Dr N D Hayes explained the reasons which had led to the proposal from mathematicians in industry and research establishments for the formation of an Institute of Mathematics and appealed for support from mathematicians with more academic interests. His comments were noted.

The Committee expressed their thanks to the retiring Chairman and Secretary.

Minutes signed by E T Davies September 7th 1961.