General Meeting Minutes for 1962

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Lanchester Lecture Theatre, the University of Southampton at 2 p.m. on Thursday, 12th April 1962.
  1. Professor E T Davies was in the chair.
  2. The minutes of the general meeting held at Liverpool in 1961 were read and signed.
  3. The chairman welcomed Professor R Bott, and explained the unfortunate circumstances which led to the absence of Professor A Beurling. Messages of sympathy were sent to Professor Beurling.
  4. The accounts of the colloquium held at Liverpool were approved.
  5. Dr W N Everitt read a letter from the Commandant of the Royal Military College of Science inviting the Colloquium to meet at the College in September 1963. The invitation was received with acclamation.
  6. Professor Davies noted that the spring meetings at Reading in 1958 and at Southampton in 1962 were better attended than the autumn meetings in the intervening years, and asked for a show of hands whether spring was the best time for meetings of the Colloquium. Some 50 members expressed a preference for the Easter vacation, 20 a preference for September, while almost 100 members abstained. The committee was asked to consider the dates of future meetings in the light of this voting.
  7. The following retired from the committee:
    Dr J W S Cassels, Dr P Du Val, Prof A M Macbeath, Prof D Rees, Dr J H Williamson, Dr T J Willmore.
  8. The following were elected to the committee:
    Prof G Higman, Dr F R Keogh, Dr J B McLeod, Prof G E H Reuter, Prof C J Tranter, Dr E C Zeeman.
  9. It was announced that the committee would meet at 9 p.m.
  10. Prof W K Hayman proposed a vote of thanks to the organizers of the Colloquium. It was agreed that the Chairman should write to the University and to the Halls of Residence expressing the appreciation of the Colloquium for the hospitality received.
Minutes signed by C J Tranter 5.9.63.