Committee Meeting Minutes for 1963

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held in Roberts Hall, Royal Military College of Science, Shrivenham, at 9 p.m. on Thursday, September 5th , 1963.
  1. Professor R L Goodstein was appointed Chairman.
  2. Dr R O Davies was appointed Secretary, and co-opted onto the Committee.
  3. The minutes of the meeting of the 1962 Colloquium Committee were read and approved.
  4. Dr Longdon reported that the American Mathematical Society had again advertised the meeting in the Notices, and the London Mathematical Society again had a leaflet printed and distributed with the Journal, both without charge. It was agreed to ask for similar publicity for the next meeting.
  5. The Committee would welcome an exhibition of mathematical books at the host University.
  6. Dr Longdon reported that it had not proved possible to give advance details of the charges for partial accommodation.
  7. Dr Longdon reported payment by the British Council of their standard contribution of £16..5s. towards Professor Wielandt's expenses.
  8. Consideration of the possibility of combining the Stochastic Analysis and Logic Colloquia with the BMC was held over, because it could not be arranged for 1964.
  9. The 1964 programme was discussed; it was agreed that two foreign guest speakers should be invited, and that it should be suggested to guest speakers that their lectures should contain a large expository element. Dr Adams undertook to arrange a programme of three related morning lectures on Topology. The claims of algebraic and differential geometry on future meetings were mentioned.
  10. Dr Everitt's invitation to hold the 1965 meeting at Queen's College, Dundee, from Tuesday April 6th to Saturday April 10th , was provisionally accepted, and Professor Tranter agreed to announce this invitation to the Colloquium next morning. Professor Hayman suggested that the 1966 meeting should be held in Imperial College near Easter, and he was asked to make preliminary arrangements. Prof. Halberstam was reported as anxious to have the Colloquium at Trinity College Dublin. This would not now be before 1967, and doubt was expressed about money's being available for fares to Dublin so soon after the International Congress. Sheffield was also mentioned as a 1967 possibility, being in an easily accessible central position.
  11. Prof. Goodstein expressed the Committee's thanks for the work of the organisers of the 1963 meeting.
  12. There being no other business, the meeting closed at 10.20p.m.

Minutes signed by W N Everitt (undated).