Committee Meeting Minutes for 1966

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held at Imperial College, London at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday 31st March 1966.
  1. Professor J D Weston was elected Chairman.
  2. Dr A J Ellis was nominated as Secretary for 1967 and co-opted to the Committee.
  3. The minutes of the 1965 Committee meeting were read and approved.
  4. Dr T Kövari reported:
    (a) The L.M.S. and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society distributed publicity leaflets for the London Colloquium; the American Mathematical Society and the Vereinigung published a note concerning the meeting.
    (b) A grant of £30 was received from the British Council towards Professor Dirac's expenses.
  5. Professor Goldie confirmed the invitation to hold the B.M.C. in Leeds at Easter 1968.
  6. Dr Hale invited the B.M.C. to meet at York in 1969.
  7. Invitations for future B.M.C.'s were made by Professor Noble for Canterbury and Professor Macbeath for Birmingham.
  8. Speakers for the 1967 meeting were discussed.
  9. It was decided that the L.M.S. should be asked to publish in the January 1967 edition of the Journal the names of the organizers of the splinter groups together with the titles of the main lectures, and to publish in the July 1966 edition a short report concerning the 1966 B.M.C.
  10. It was decided that the Secretary should enquire from all the 1966 speakers of the amounts they were out of pocket in attending the B.M.C. and should reimburse them.
  11. After some discussion it was agreed to make a deadline for applications for membership of the 1967 B.M.C. four weeks prior to April 4th , after which applications would only be accepted at the discretion of the Chairman and if accompanied by a late fee.
  12. It was decided that the Chairman and Secretary of the 1967 B.M.C. should be empowered to circularize members of the Committee concerning proposals at the 1967 General Meeting for increased membership charges and initiating an increased fee for late membership.
  13. The proposed relationship between the L.M.S. and B.M.C. was discussed and it was agreed that the Chairman should have authority to negotiate with the L.M.S., at the same time guarding the interests of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society.
  14. The meeting closed at 11.10 p.m.
Minutes signed by A W Goldie (undated).