Committee Meeting Minutes for 1967

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held at the University College of Swansea, at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday, 6 April, 1967.
  1. Professor A W Goldie was elected Chairman.
  2. Dr E W Wallace was nominated as Secretary for 1968 and co-opted to the Committee.
  3. The minutes of the 1966 Committee meeting were read and approved.
  4. Dr Ellis reported:
    (a) The publicity leaflets distributed by the L.M.S. and the Edinburgh Mathematical Society, and the notes published by the AMS and Vereinigung had apparently resulted in more than the usual number of overseas visitors coming to the Colloquium. A proposal that this publicity be continued was seconded, and the resolution was carried. In particular, it was agreed that the Scandinavian Mathematical Society be asked to publish a note about the BMC.

    (b) It had not been possible to prepare a list of the names of the organizers of the splinter groups for the 1967 meeting in time for inclusion in the January1967 edition of the Journal LMS. A report on the 1966 BMC was published in the July 1966 edition, however, as agreed.

    (c) Only Professor R Bott claimed out of pocket expenses, and he was reimbursed £3.

    (d) The total number attending the 1967 BMC was 398, including 135 research students. £15 extra was received in late fees. Doubling the membership fee after the deadline of March 10, 1967, had apparently persuaded most members to register before this date.
    The Committee agreed that a similar deadline should be fixed for the 1968 BMC.

    (e) As the Chairman and Secretary of the 1967 BMC had not felt it necessary to increase membership fees, the proposal, contained in Minute 12 of the 1966 Committee meeting, had not been raised at the 1967 A.G.M.
    A proposal, put to the Committee, that the concession to research students be abandoned, was agree to.
  5. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks to the former Chairman and Secretary and their colleagues. This was carried with acclamation.
    He also asked Professor Weston to convey the thanks of the members of the BMC to the servants of the college for their hospitality.
    Professor Weston agreed, with great pleasure, to do this.
  6. Speakers for the 1968 meeting were discussed.
  7. Firm invitations have been received by the Committee for a meeting in 1969 at Birmingham, in 1970 at York, and in 1971 at Kent.
  8. A proposal, contained in a letter to the Committee from Dr G C Shephard, that notices of staff vacancies be displayed on BMC notice boards, was rejected by the Committee.
    Professor Weston pointed out that Dr Shephard had been allowed the use of the departmental notice boards, however.

Minutes signed by A M Macbeath (undated).

[Letter to The Chairman, The BMC Committee

Room 310 Neuadd Mary Williams

Dear Chairman,

I wish to make a suggestion, which I should be glad if you would put before the Committee this evening.

I propose that, at meetings of the B.M.C., a notice board be provided on which members of the Colloquium may display notices which they think will be of interest to members.

In particular, I have in mind that this would enable Heads of Departments to advertise vacancies that exist at their Universities; information which would be of great interest to research students attending the Colloquium. To such students, the opportunity of finding which posts were available, and of meeting the Staffs of the Departments at which they may be thinking of applying, would be of the greatest value.

If the Committee agrees to my proposal, I would like to suggest that Professor Weston be asked to provide a suitable notice board in the foyer of the Mathematics-Physics building, which would be seen by members attending the splinter group meetings tomorrow afternoon (Friday).

Signed G C Shephard (Birmingham and East Anglia) ]