Committee Meeting Minutes for 1969

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held in the Senior Common Room of High Hall, University of Birmingham at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday, 27th March, 1969.
  1. Professor J H Williamson was elected Chairman.
  2. Dr V W D Hale was nominated as secretary for 1970 and co-opted to the committee.
  3. The minutes of the 1968 committee meeting held in Leeds were read and approved.
  4. As a matter arising from the previous minutes, it was reported that Professor Thoma had not claimed any expenses.
  5. The experiment of arranging four simultaneous lectures of a more specialised nature instead of the third general lecture on the first day was discussed. It was agreed that at the next colloquium, instead of repeating this experiment, there should be two simultaneous lectures taking the place of the third general lecture on each day of the meeting. It was also decided that it should be emphasised to invited speakers that their talks should be accessible to the general member of the colloquium.
  6. It was decided that the Colloquium membership fee should be increased to £1 and that the practice of doubling the fee for registrations after February 28th should be continued. Concern was expressed over the number of late cancellations of accommodation and it was suggested that it should be announced that deposits towards the cost of accommodation may be required if the situation does not improve.
  7. Topics for the 1970 Colloquium were discussed and a list of suggested speakers drawn up.
  8. Professor M E Noble confirmed the invitation to hold the twenty third meeting of the B.M.C. at the University of Kent at Canterbury from 29th March to 2nd April, 1971.
  9. A provisional invitation was received from Professor R A Rankin for the B.M.C. to meet at Glasgow in 1972 and Prof J F Adams agreed to look into the possibility of holding the twenty fifth meeting in Manchester in1973.
  10. The secretary was asked to draw up a list of the locations and number of registrations at all the previous British Mathematical Colloquia.
  11. Congratulations were expressed to the organisers on the piano recital which had been arranged and a vote of thanks was proposed to the former Chairman and Secretary and their colleagues; this was carried with acclamation.
Minutes signed by M E Noble on 9.4.1970.