Committee Meeting Minutes for 1970

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held in the Langwith College, University of York at 8.30 p.m. on 9th April, 1970.
  1. Professor M E Noble was elected chairman.
  2. Dr J P Earl was nominated as secretary and co-opted.
  3. The minutes of the committee meeting in Birmingham were read and approved.
  4. The matter of losses caused by people failing to take up reservations was discussed. Several suggestions for dealing with the problem were put forward but it was decided to delegate any decision to the host university.
  5. The problems of finding lecture accommodation suitable for the increasing colloquium membership were discussed, with particular reference to the 1971 Colloquium. It was decided that next year the morning programme for each day would consist of three pairs of concurrent lectures but that, in view of the eminence of the visiting speakers, the evening lecture should not be divided.
  6. The problem of arranging splinter group meetings so as to minimise the conflict of interests was raised. It was suggested that there should be fewer organisers, each responsible for a group of interests.
  7. The committee then made a number of detailed suggestions for speakers and provisionally outlined the 1971 programme.
  8. Dr J Hunter confirmed the invitation of the University of Glasgow to be hosts to the 1972 Colloquium. It was reported that University College Aberystwyth would be pleased to act as future hosts and Professor B E Johnson agreed to make enquiries into the possibility of a Colloquium at the University of Newcastle.
  9. In view of the necessity for long term advance booking, it was suggested that invitations for the two succeeding colloquia be issued at the next general meeting and that subsequently the invitation for the next-but-one colloquium be issued. The Chairman agreed to write to Manchester (1973 provisional host) to determine their view. It was also suggested that the difficulties of long term planning and of increasing size might be better dealt with by establishing a permanent secretariat. The general feeling was that colloquia, in the more important problem of selecting speakers, were better served by present arrangements.
  10. The possibility of organising some non-mathematical entertainment was discussed. It was felt that it would be better to publicise any existing facilities in the host institution or its environs.
  11. The chairman, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Professor Williamson and Dr Hale for such a successful colloquium at York and asked that these thanks be extended to all those who had helped in its organisation.
Minutes signed by R A Rankin (undated).