Committee Meeting Minutes for 1971

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, held in Keynes Inner Senior Common Room, at the University of Kent at Canterbury, at 8.30 p.m. on Wednesday 31 March 1971.
  1. Professor R A Rankin was elected chairman.
  2. Dr I Anderson was nominated as secretary, and co-opted.
  3. The minutes of the committee meeting in York were then read by the secretary and approved.
  4. Attention was drawn to the considerable sum of money which had accumulated in the Colloquium funds. It was agreed that this should be left in a deposit account until near the next Colloquium and then transferred to a current account. The fact that the balance would be reduced by the cost of providing buses at Glasgow was noted.
  5. Views for and against the publishing of Colloquium Proceedings were aired. It was agreed to raise the matter at the next General meeting.
  6. It was also agreed that the system of pairs of concurrent lectures in the mornings should be continued at Glasgow. Speakers should be reminded that their talks are to a non-specialist audience. Guest speakers should be warned that there are no questions at the end of their lectures.
  7. The committee then made suggestions for speakers for 1972.
  8. Future meetings were next discussed. As decided at the General meeting, the 1972 and 1973 hosts would be Glasgow and Manchester respectively. Manchester would have the same transport problems as Glasgow. The suitability of the University of Sussex for 1974 was discussed. There was a shortage of accommodation on the campus, but there was a possibility of the use of a nearby residence belonging to the College of Education. It was decided that Prof Scott should be asked if suitable arrangements could be made; also, to write to Newcastle confirming 1975, and to Aberystwyth provisionally for 1976.
  9. Discussion on whether a Wednesday - Friday or Tuesday - Thursday Colloquium was preferable proved inconclusive.
  10. On the subject of deposits for accommodation, the former secretary informed the meeting that only about 6 members had failed to turn up, and that it was therefore not worth the bother of asking for deposits.
  11. The Chairman, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Prof Noble and Dr Earl for such a successful colloquium at Canterbury, and asked that thanks be extended to all who had helped in its organisation.
Minutes signed by I G Macdonald on 6.4.72.