General Meeting Minutes for 1971

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Cornwallis Lecture Theatre, University of Kent, at 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 31st March 1971.

Professor M E Noble was in the chair.
  1. The Chairman welcomed the guest speakers: Prof L Carleson, Prof E C Dade, Prof N H Kuiper.
  2. The minutes of the General Meeting at York were read and approved.
  3. The accounts for the 22nd Colloquium were read and approved.
  4. The meeting accepted invitations from Prof R A Rankin to hold the 24th Colloquium at Glasgow from 4th April to 8th April 1972 and from Dr F B Coghlan to hold the 25th Colloquium at Manchester from 26th March to 30th March 1973.
  5. The following retired from the committee:
    Prof A Fröhlich, Dr J Hunter, Prof B E Johnson, Prof B Kuttner, Prof R L E Schwarzenberger, Dr J A Todd, Prof C T C Wall, Prof J H Williamson, Prof T J Willmore.
    The following were elected to the committee:
    Prof G A Allen, Prof R W Carter, Dr F B Coghlan, Prof J Duncan, Prof D E Edmunds, Prof K Gruenberg, Prof W Ledermann, Prof R A Rankin, Dr G P Scott.
  6. It was announced that the Committee would meet at 8.30 p.m. in Keynes Inner Senior Common Room.
  7. Prof J H Williamson proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, Secretary and others who had helped in arrangements for the Colloquium.
Minutes signed by R A Rankin on 6.4.72.