Committee Meeting Minutes for 1972

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium held in Wolfson Hall Senior Common Room at the University of Glasgow, at 8.30 p.m. on Thursday 6th April 1972.
  1. Professor I G Macdonald was elected chairman.
  2. Dr F B Coghlan was nominated as secretary.
  3. The minutes of the committee meeting at Kent were then read by the secretary and approved.
  4. The matter of the accumulation of Colloquium funds was discussed. The use of these funds for the purpose of insuring the Colloquium against losses was discussed, but no decision was reached. It was left to the discretion of the Chairman to use such funds as necessary to subsidise any celebration [of] the Colloquium's 25th anniversary, provided £500 was left in the account. It was decided that all other financial matters should be dealt with as in previous years.
  5. It was decided to preserve the present pattern of talks. It was agreed that the registration fee should be waived for all speakers. It was also agreed that Professor M H A Newman should be invited to give a talk or opening address.
  6. The committee then made suggestions for speakers in 1973.
  7. Future meetings were next discussed. As decided at the General Meeting, the 1973 and 1974 hosts would be Manchester and Sussex respectively.
    A provisional invitation was received from Professor B E Johnson for the B.M.C. to meet in Newcastle in 1975. It was agreed that, in future, the General Meeting be asked to approve invitations three years in advance. It was noted that a provisional booking had been made for the B.M.C. to be in Aberystwyth, April 6th - 10th 1976.
  1. [sic] Under any other business, the matter of regularising the B.M.C. and making into a contracting body was discussed. No conclusions were reached.
  2. The chairman, on behalf of the Committee, thanked Professor R A Rankin and Dr I Anderson for arranging such a successful Colloquium at Glasgow and asked that these thanks be extended to all those who had helped in its organisation.
Minutes signed by Walter Ledermann (undated).