British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Manchester: Manchester 1973.

The enrolment was 562.

Organisers were I G McDonald

Minutes of meetings, etc. are available at the links below

The plenary speakers were:

Atiyah, M F Analysis and differential geometry
Birch, B J Differential equations over finite fields
Tits, J L Linear algebraic groups over arbitrary fields

The morning speakers were:

Alperin, J L Projective resolutions for finite groups
Brown, G Banach algebras of measures
Cohn, P M The eigenvalue problem over skew fields
Eke, B G Behaviour of a conformal map at a boundary point
Fröhlich, A Normal basis theorems in arithmetic
Hartley, B Conjugacy in locally finite groups
Kendall, D G What do we mean by a random set?
Körner, T Thin sets in harmonic analysis
Lance, C Injective Banach spaces and C*-algebras
Laxton, R Solutions of a conjecture on linear recurrences
Lusztig, G The discrete series representations of the general linear groups over a finite field
Macintyre, A J Metamathematics of division rings
Newstead, P E Classification problems in algebraic geometry
Perfect, H Transversals and abstract independence
Richardson, R Affine algebraic transformation spaces
Robinson, C A Abstract homotopy theory
Schwarzenberger, R L E Report on n-dimensional crystallography
Small, L W Rings with polynomial identities