General Meeting Minutes for 1974

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Molecular Sciences Building, University of Sussex, at 2.15 p.m. on Wednesday 3rd April 1974.

Professor W Ledermann was in the chair.
  1. The Chairman welcomed the guest speakers Prof E Brieskorn, Prof G Stampacchia and Prof H Bass.
  2. The minutes of the General Meeting at Manchester were read and approved.
  3. The accounts of the Twenty-Fifth Colloquium were read and approved.
  4. Prof A O Morris on behalf of the University of Aberystwyth invited the 1976 Colloquium to Aberystwyth, the dates for the Colloquium being given as April 6th - April 10th. Prof W L Edge on behalf of the University of Edinburgh invited the 1977 Colloquium to Edinburgh in March 1977. Both invitations were accepted with acclamation.
  5. The following retired from the Committee:
    Prof R W Carter, Prof J Duncan, Prof I G Macdonald, Dr I R Porteous, Prof G E Reuter, Dr G P Scott, Dr E Wallace.
    The following were elected to the Committee:
    Prof J F Adams, Dr P Bacsich, Dr N H Bingham, Dr G Brown, Dr A M Davie, Prof A W Goldie, Prof H Halberstam.
  6. It was announced that the committee would meet at 8.30 p.m. in the Orange Room in the Refectory.
  7. Prof D Rees proposed a vote of thanks to the Chairman, Secretary and others who had helped in the organisation of the Colloquium.
  8. The question of publication of proceedings was raised and gained little support.
  9. The organising committee were asked to look into the possibility of providing short abstracts of the morning talks to help members in choosing between the parallel sessions.
Minutes signed by Barry Johnson on 10 April 1975.