Committee Meeting Minutes for 1978

Minutes of the Meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, Furness College, Lancaster, 8.00 p.m., 6th April 1978.

Dr J W Baker, Dr T Jackson, Dr G J O Jameson, Dr C Kosniowski, Dr Ü Kuran, Dr P McMullen, Dr J D P Meldrum, Professor D G Northcott, Dr A Oswald, Mr P Rado, Professor C A Rogers, Dr D Singmaster, Dr A Slomson, Dr W B Stewart, Dr R C Vaughan, Prof D A R Wallace.
  1. Prof C A Rogers was elected chairman.
  2. Dr C B Thomas (who sent his apologies for his absence) was elected secretary.
  3. The minutes of the Committee Meeting of 30.March 1977 in Edinburgh were read and approved.
  4. There was some discussion of moving the time of the morning lectures back fifteen minutes, but no decision was taken.
  5. The Committee agreed to continue the Evening Educational Forum.
  6. There was a discussion of speakers for the next meeting of the Colloquium. A list of names (indicating an order of preference) was drawn up to conform with the distribution between areas of interest agreed at Edinburgh in 1977.
  7. Venue for 1983. It was agreed to ask the University of Hull to act as hosts for the Colloquium, and if this was not possible, the Universities of Aberdeen, Bristol and Cambridge in that order.
  8. Any other business:
    (i) There was discussion of videotaping the morning lectures. Dr Singmaster said that the BBC had shown some interest in recording lectures by distinguished mathematicians.
    (ii) It was agreed to include a slip with the "information for participants" asking them to nominate speakers.
    (iii) A proposal that the Annual General Meeting be held on the first day, and the Council Meeting on the second day of any future Colloquium was rejected. There was discussion of whether Committee Members should wear yellow badges.
    (iv) The question of whether films should be shown in the afternoon or the evening was left to the organisers of the 1979 Colloquium at University College London.
    (v) Dr Singmaster reported that he can mechanically produce departmental lists on sticky labels.
    (vi) The Committee agreed that whenever possible Meetings should be held between Wednesday and Friday, rather than between Tuesday and Thursday, so as to take advantage of cheap rail fares.
    (vii) The Chairman thanked Dr Jameson for the excellent organisation of the Lancaster Colloquium.
Minutes signed by D G Northcott (undated).