Committee Meeting Minutes for 1979

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee of the British Mathematical Colloquium, University College London, 5th April 1979.

G R Allan, J W Baker, V W Bryant, T H Jackson, F E A Johnson, C Kosniowski, U Kuran, A C McBride, P McMullen, J D P Meldrum, D G Northcott, C A Rogers, D Singmaster, A Slomson, W B Stewart, C B Thomas, R C Vaughan.
  1. Prof Rogers invited Prof Northcott to take the chair.
  2. Dr Bryant was appointed as secretary.
  3. A list of speakers for the 1980 meeting was drawn up. Prof Northcott was empowered by the committee to use names from this list at his discretion.
  4. The committee asked the secretary to approach the University of Warwick with a view to accommodating the 1984 Colloquium there. The Universities of Bristol, Cambridge and Bath could be approached if Warwick was unable to accommodate the BMC.
  5. The minutes of the 1978 committee meeting were read and approved: there were no matters arising.
  6. Any other business
    (i) The BMC Committee considered a suggestion that the BMC might pay for the films supplied by the Open University. It was decided to avoid this if possible, and Dr Singmaster was urged to try and continue the present arrangements.
    (ii) Prof Northcott mentioned the possibility of afternoon outings from Sheffield, as part of the University's centenary celebrations. However, the committee was against such outings because they might compete with the BMC's programme.
    (iii) The committee was urged by Prof Rogers to nominate a treasurer with a view to investing the BMC's surplus monies. Prof Northcott agreed to look into the various aspects of society investments and was empowered by the committee to take whatever action was necessary or desirable. This could include the appointment of a Treasurer.
Minutes signed by Michael Atiyah (undated).