Committee Meeting Minutes for 1980

Minutes of the meeting of the Committee for the BMC held on Thursday April 10th 1980 in the Upper Library of Ranmoor House, University of Sheffield at 8 pm.

Present: Prof D G Northcott, Prof M F Atiyah, G R Allan, J W Baker, T H Jackson, I M James, C Kosniowski, A C McBride, D Singmaster, A Slomson, R Brown, H E Rose, C Campbell, R Bailey, E C Thompson, C Bushnell, W B Stewart, V Bryant.
  1. Professor Atiyah was elected Chairman.
  2. Dr Stewart was appointed Secretary.
  3. The minutes of the meeting of the Committee held on 5th April 1979 were taken as read; no matters arose.
  4. The Committee took note that a Treasurer had now been appointed - Professor James.
  5. A list of possible speakers for the 1981 meeting in Oxford was proposed; the chairman was given power to send invitations on the basis of the list, but also to be free to vary the list if required.
  6. The Committee discussed the likely registration fee and agreed that if necessary it should be £10: the local committee to decide.
  7. The Committee noted that Warwick no longer seemed interested in hosting a BMC. The Committee agreed to ask if CAMBRIDGE would issue an invitation for 1985. Various possibilities for 1986 - St Andrews, Hull, Stirling were mentioned.
  8. The VAT liability was discussed: it was regretted that UCL had paid VAT.
  9. The meeting closed at 10.30 pm.
Minutes signed by R Brown on 1/4/81.