General Meeting Minutes for 1980

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Firth Hall of the University of Sheffield on Thursday April 10th [1980] at 2.00 pm.
  1. Professor Northcott welcomed the speakers to Sheffield.
  2. The minutes of London's B.M.C. were taken as read, signed by Professor Northcott; and there were no matters arising.
  3. The Accounts of U.C.L. were accepted.
  4. Dr H E Rose of Bristol invited the B.M.C. there for April 10-12 (9-13 in total) 1984: the invitation was accepted with acclamation.
    Dr Jameson pointed out that rail fares would be cheaper for Tuesday-Friday but Dr Porteous pointed out that this would no longer be the case in 1984, and Dr Bryant pointed out the general conference rail facilities available.
  5. The new committee was elected. Drs Bryant, Johnson, Kuran, McMullen, Meldrum, Rogers, Thomas and Vaughan retired from the committee and Drs/Professors Brown, Bushnell, Rose, Campbell (EMS), Atiyah, Thompson, and Bailey were elected. Prof James was confirmed as Treasurer and Drs Wright and Hart were elected as independent auditors.
  6. Under 'Any Other Business' Dr Bryant asked new committee members to collect their badges, he announced that the Committee meeting would be at 8.00 pm in the Upper Library of Ranmoor House, and he reminded delegates of the sherry reception at 6.15.
Then Professor Frohlich proposed a vote of thanks to Sheffield for its detailed organisation. In particular he liked the flowers and, more seriously, the abstracts for the talks. Dr Bryant replied that he was grateful for all his colleagues' support.

Minutes signed by Michael Atiyah on 1st April 1981.