General Meeting Minutes for 1981

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Zoology Building of the University of Oxford on Wednesday 1st April 1981 at 2.00 pm.
  1. Professor Atiyah welcomed the Colloquium and the speakers to Oxford.
  2. The minutes of the meeting held in Sheffield were taken as read and signed by Prof Atiyah: no matters arose.
  3. The Accounts of the Sheffield BMC were accepted.
  4. Professor Cassels invited the meeting to a BMC in Cambridge from 1st - 5th April 1985: the invitation was accepted by acclamation.
  5. The meeting noted that the LMS and EMS had appointed the following committee members:
    LMS: Dr R A Bailey, Prof P M Cohn
    EMS: Dr A C McBride, Dr T A Gillespie.
  6. The following members of the committee were re-elected and elected:
    Dr G R Allan Dr A Camina
    Dr R J Archbold Dr A W Chatters
    Prof M F Atiyah Prof I M James
    Dr B Bollobas Dr C Kosniowski
    Dr C Bushnell Dr H E Rose
    Prof R Brown Dr D Wright.
  7. The following were appointed auditors:
    Prof Schwarzenberger, Prof Rogers.
  8. Various matters of other business were discussed:
    (a) Dr Barker asked whether with the present balances a fee of £10 was necessary: Prof Atiyah said the present idea was to use the balance for overseas speakers.
    (b) Dr Singmaster asked whether the BMC could be linked with the other Easter meetings of mathematicians eg Maths Assoc.
    (c) Prof James ("in absentia") asked whether a review of the BMC should be made: Dr Brenner hoped a successful format would not be tampered with.
    (d) Various members raised the question of large advance pre-payments and lack of variety of options offered: other members spoke of the advantage of no-fuss registration.
  9. Dr P Vamos of Sheffield thanked those who arranged the 2nd Oxford Colloquium: Prof Atiyah, Prof James, Mr E C Thompson, Dr Ault, Ms Shorey, Mrs Jane Cox, Mrs Jane Dunbar, Dr Stewart.
Minutes signed by R Brown on 1/4/82.