General Meeting Minutes for 1983

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Natural Philosophy Building, University of Aberdeen, on Wednesday 6 April [1983] at 2 p.m.
  1. The minutes of the meeting held at Bangor were taken as read and signed by Prof Hubbuck: no matters arose.
  2. The accounts of the Bangor BMC were accepted. Prof R Brown expressed the hope that the extra detail in the accounts would be helpful. Prof Hubbuck stated that the Aberdeen organizers had found this detail very helpful.
  3. Prof J Howie invited the meeting to a BMC in St Andrews, 31 March - 4 April 1987. The invitation was accepted by acclamation.
  4. The following retired from the Committee: -
    I M James, J S Rose (deceased), D J Wright.
    The following were elected to the Committee: -
    J C Shepherdson, M D Gladstone, D R Woodall.
    The following were nominated by the LMS and EMS.
    R A Bailey (LMS), P M Cohn (LMS)
    T A Gillespie (EMS), M M Peterson (EMS)
    The remaining members of the Committee were: -
    R J Archbold (2), R Brown (3), A R Camina (2), A W Chatters (2), J R Hubbuck (1), T W K├Ârner (1), C J Mulvey (1), H E Rose (3), J P Sproston (1)).
  5. It was agreed that in future the auditors would continue to be the treasurers of the LMS and EMS.
Minutes unsigned.