General Meeting Minutes for 1984

Minutes of the General Meeting of the 36th British Mathematical Colloquium held in the Physics Building of the University of Bristol on Wednesday 11th April 1984.
  1. The minutes of the 35th meeting were taken as read.
  2. The accounts of the 35th meeting were accepted without comment.
  3. Dr R. Odoni formally invited the Colloquium to Exeter in 1988. The dates to be 11th to 15th April, with 12th to 14th working days. This was agreed by acclamation.
  4. The Committee: Prof. R. Brown, Dr R. A. Bailey, Dr J. Gillespie and Dr M. Peterson retired by rotation. Dr D. Woodall retired due to ill health. The following proposals were made:
    Dr A. R. Pears (L.M.S. representative),
    Dr J. J. Adamson and Dr H. R. Dowson (E.M.S. representatives),
    Prof. J. W. S. Cassels, Dr D. J. H. Garling and Dr B. Bollobas (Cambridge Committee),
    Dr D. R. Oates and Dr J. O'Connor.
    The remaining members were
    Dr A. R. Camina (3),
    Dr A. W. Chatters (3),
    Prof. P. M. Cohn (L.M.S. representative),
    Dr M. D. Gladstone (1),
    Prof. J. R. Hubbuck (2),
    Dr T. W. K├Ârner (2),
    Dr C. J. Mulvey (2),
    Prof J. C. Shepherdson (1),
    Dr J. P. Sproston (2).
    Dr H. E. Rose will act for Dr B. Bollobas for the evening committee (11/4/84).
  5. Dr A. C. McBride and Prof. R. Schwarzenberger were re-elected Honorary Auditors by acclamation.
  6. There was a discussion about the rule that there should be no questions after the evening lectures. It was agreed to ask the Committee to consider a change with a vote 33 to 25.
H E Rose