British Mathematical Colloquium

This was held at Cambridge: Cambridge 1985.

The enrolment was 300.

Organisers were J W S Cassels

The plenary speakers were:

Fefferman, C L Quantum statistical mechanics of Coulomb systems
Gromov, M Differential geometry with and without infinitesimal calculus: anatomy of curvature
Zagier, D Values of L-functions

The morning speakers were:

Bailey, R A Some uses of finite group theory in the design and analysis of experiments
Birch, B J Rational points on curves
Brown, R From groups to groupoids: a survey
Epstein, D B A Foliations on 3-manifolds
Falconer, K J Reconstructing objects from X-rays
Gardiner, A D Groups and graphs
Hammersley, J M Probability and arithmetic in science
Harding, R D Computer aided teaching of applied mathematics
Hawkes, T O The Hall-Higman theorem 30 years on
Hoare, C A R The mathematics of programming
Hooley, C A survey of some recent results in additive number theory
Lance, E C Quasi-homomorphisms
Leedham-Green, C R Crystallographic groups and p-groups
Parry, W Distribution of closed orbits for hyperbolic dynamical systems
Paterson, M P versus NP: the low road
Pym, J S When separate implies joint continuity
Rees, S M Iteration of rational maps