General Meeting Minutes for 1987

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the Physics building, University of St Andrews on Thursday, 2nd April 1987.

Professor T S Blyth was in the chair and opened the meeting at 2.05.
  1. The minutes of the General Meeting held in Hull had been circulated and were approved.
  2. There were no items arising.
  3. The accounts of the Hull colloquium had been circulated. At the request of one of the auditors the item labelled "Administration Fee" was referred to the BMC committee for consideration. The Hull accounts were accepted.
  4. Professor D A R Wallace invited the meeting to Strathclyde in 1992. The invitation was accepted by acclamation.
  5. The following members of the Hull committee who were present at St Andrews were re-elected (number of years served in brackets).

    Dr I T Adamson (EMS representative)
    Dr R B J T Allenby (Leeds) (2)
    Professor T S Blyth (St Andrews) (2)
    Dr C M Campbell (St Andrews) (2)
    Dr J J O'Connor (St Andrews) (4)
    Professor R W K Odoni (Exeter) (2)
    Dr A R Pears (LMS representative)
    Dr D Strauss (Hull) (3)
    Dr F J Yeadon (Hull) (2)

    There followed the ceremonial deletion of those members of the Hull committee not at St Andrews.

    Professor R Y Sharp was appointed as an LMS representative and Dr T A Whitelaw was appointed to represent the EMS.

    The following were then elected to the committee:

    Professor J F Adams (Cambridge)
    Dr R R Laxton (Nottingham)
    Dr D K Oates (Exeter)
    Professor P VĂ¡mos (Exeter)
  6. Dr A C McBride and Professor J D M Wright were re-elected Honorary Auditors by acclamation.
  7. A.0.B.

    Dr M C R Butler suggested that the BMC should write to the chairman of the SERC and to the chairman of the Save British Science Society congratulating them on the success of their efforts in persuading the Minister of Education to release an extra fifteen million pounds to the SERC. It was agreed that the committee should draft such letters.
The meeting closed at 2.15.

Minutes signed by J O'Connor and T S Blyth (undated).