Committee Meeting Minutes for 1988

Minutes of the Committee meeting held in the Library at Birks Halls Central Block, University of Exeter, at 8.00 pm on 13 April 1988.

Present: I T Adamson, R B J T Allenby, T S Blyth, A R Camina, C M Campbell, J E Cremona, D L Johnson, E C Lance, R R Laxton, D K Oates, R W K Odoni, A R Pears, A M Sinclair, D Strauss, P Vámos, D R Woodall, F J Yeadon.
  1. Professor Vámos welcomed the Committee.
  2. Dr R R Laxton was appointed Chairman, and Drs D L Johnson and D R Woodall as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.
  3. The Minutes of the Committee meeting at St Andrews were approved after brief discussion. There were no matters arising.
  4. Having taken over the chair, Dr Laxton thanked the Exeter Organising Committee.
  5. Finances. After a brief statement by Dr Oates and comments by Prof Vámos, a slight loss was predicted for the 1988 BMC. The EMS and LMS representatives confirmed that, as a matter of policy, the BMC should continue to make a slight loss. There followed a general discussion in which Dr Oates suggested that the 1989 organizers should consider holding a conference dinner in Nottingham and aiming for a 10% deficit on catering. Other suggestions included concessionary rates for certain classes of the membership. Dr Pears explained the recent "one-off" grant of £1,000 to the BTMC by the LMS, which will stand as its guarantor.
  6. Future meetings. There was a discussion of venues and dates to 1993, in which it was suggested that the Bath BMC be moved back a day in order to avoid travel home on Good Friday. As to 1994, a positive response had been received from Prof C Hooley (Cardiff). For the 1995 meeting, suggestions included UMIST, Warwick, OU, Heriot-Watt and Liverpool.
  7. Speakers for 1989. Following long and helpful discussion, lists were passed to the Nottingham Organizing Committee for consideration.
  8. VAT. Dr Oates gave a rundown on previous and present VAT problems, brought about largely by the recent CVCP document. After agreeing to name the £6,000 currently in the Post Office the "BMC Reserve Fund", there were suggestions that a) it be left with the previous organizers for one year, or b) the LMS and EMS could take it over in the role of trustees. In any case, there was strong feeling that professional advice be sought, via the LMS and EMS or the CVCP.
  9. Dr Laxton proposed an educational forum run by Prof Burkhardt and/or the famous "Explosives" lecture of Col Shaw as possible evening activities for the Nottingham BMC.
  10. Prof Blyth proposed a vote of thanks to the Exeter Organizing Committee. The meeting closed at 11.02 pm.
D L Johnson