General Meeting Minutes for 1988

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Lecture Theatre A, the Newman building, University of Exeter on Wednesday, 13th April 1988.

Professor P. Vámos was in the chair and opened the meeting at 14.02.
  1. The minutes of the General Meeting held In St. Andrews had been circulated and were approved.
  2. Professor Vámos reported that he had duly written to congratulate the chairmen of SERC and SBSS on their success in obtaining additional funding for science. There were no other matters arising from the minutes.
  3. The accounts of the St. Andrews colloquium had been circulated and were approved.
  4. Dr A J W Hilton invited the meeting to Reading in 1993. The invitationwas accepted with acclamation.
    Dates were announced as follows:

    Bath 25-29 March 1991
    Strathclyde 6-10 April 1992
    Reading 28 March-1 April 1993.
  5. The following members of the St Andrews committee who were present at Exeter were re-elected (number of years served in brackets).

    Dr I T A C Adamson (EMS representative)
    Dr R B J T Allenby (Leeds) (3)
    Professor T S Blyth (St. Andrews) (3)
    Dr C M Campbell (St. Andrews) (3)
    Dr R R Laxton (Nottingham) (2)
    Dr D K Oates (Exeter) (2)
    Professor R W K Odoni (Exeter) (3)
    Dr A R Pears (LMS representative)
    Dr D Strauss (Hull) (4)
    Professor P Vámos (Exeter) (2)
    Dr F J Yeadon (Hull) (3)

    There followed the ceremonial deletion of those members of the St Andrews committee not at Exeter.

    Professor E C Lance was appointed as an LMS representative and Dr A M Sinclair was appointed to represent the EMS.

    The following were then elected to the committee:

    Dr A R Camina (East Anglia)
    Dr D L Johnson (Nottingham)
    Dr D R Woodall (Nottingham)
  6. Dr A C McBride and Professor J D M Wright were re-elected Honorary Auditors by acclamation.
  7. A.0.B.
    Dr Laxton asked whether recent changes in V.A.T. regulations would affect the B.M.C. Dr Oates replied that, although basic legislation was unchanged, there were now detailed Codes of Practice to be complied with to maintain exemption from V.A.T. His suggestion that the committee should investigate and take necessary steps met with general approval.
The meeting closed at 14.11.

Minutes signed by D K Oates and P Vámos (undated).