General Meeting Minutes for 1989

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Lecture Theatre B1 of the Mathematics/Physics Building, University of Nottingham on Wednesday, 5th April 1989.

Professor D A Burgess was in the chair and opened the meeting at 14.05.
  1. The minutes of the general meeting held in Exeter had been circulated and were approved.
  2. The only matter arising concerned Item 7, and this is covered in Item 5 below.
  3. The accounts of the Exeter meeting had been circulated and were approved.
  4. There were no invitations for future colloquia.
  5. The minutes of a Special Committee Meeting held the previous evening had been circulated. This had been called to discuss proposals by Dr Woodall for maintaining the exemption of the BMC from VAT, and resulted in a proposal that the BMC reserve fund be put in the hands of the LMS and EMS to be held in trust. A motion to put necessary negotiations in train immediately and to give a mandate to the committee to make a suitable agreement was approved nem con.
  6. Drs Strauss and Yeadon retired from the committee after four glorious years of service, and the names of the three members not present were ceremonially deleted. Drs Meldrum and Steiner were appointed as EMS representatives, and five new members were elected to the committee (number of years served in brackets):

    R B J T Allenby (3) Leeds Group Theory
    G R Burton (0) Bath Analysis
    A R Camina (1) UEA Group Theory
    C M Campbell (3) St Andrews Group Theory
    G R Everest (0) UEA Number Theory
    J Hawkes (0) Swansea Probability
    D L Johnson (1) Nottingham Group Theory
    E C Lance LMS Analysis
    R R Laxton (2) Nottingham Ring Theory
    J D P Meldrum EMS Ring Theory
    D K Oates (2) Exeter Analysis
    R W K Odoni (3) Exeter Number Theory
    A R Pears LMS Topology
    P J Rippon (0) Open Analysis
    E Scourfield (0) RHBNC Number Theory
    R J Steiner EMS Topology
    D R Woodall (1) Nottingham Combinatorics
  7. Dr A D Sands and Professor J D M Wright were re-elected Honorary Auditors by acclamation.
  8. There was no AOB.
The meeting closed at 14.25

Minutes signed by D A Burgess and D L Johnson (undated).