Committee Meeting Minutes for 1990

Minutes of the Committee Meeting held at the 42nd BMC, University of East Anglia, at 7.30pm on Tuesday 3rd April 1990.

Dr G R Burton (Bath, Secretary) Dr A R Camina (East Anglia) Dr A G Chetwynd (Lancaster) Dr G R Everest (East Anglia) Dr D L Johnson (Nottingham) Prof E C Lance (Leeds, LMS nominee) Dr R R Laxton (Nottingham) Dr P E Newstead (Liverpool) Dr D K Oates (Exeter) Dr A R Pears (KCL, LMS nominee) Dr E F Robertson (St Andrews, EMS nominee) Dr G C Smith (Bath, Chairman) Dr E J Scourfield (REWNC) Dr R J Steiner (Glasgow, EMS nominee) Prof D A R Wallace (Strathclyde) Dr D R Woodall (Nottingham)
  1. The minutes of the previous meeting held at Nottingham were approved.
  2. Matters Arising.

    Future BMCs
    It was reported that UMIST had promised a decision in June about whether they would be able to organise the 47th BMC in 1995. Following a suggestion that RHBNC be approached, Dr Scourfield reported that insufficient theatre accommodation would be available. The suggestions that Heriot-Watt and Liverpool be approached were approved. It was resolved that the Bath Secretary should try to secure invitations for 1995 and 1996.

    LMS/EMS Agreement
    It was reported that the Reserve Fund would in the future be held by the EMS or LMS, and that it was currently held by the EMS. It was reported that legal advice taken by the LMS indicated that the BMC should continue to be exempt from VAT, such exemption being available to academic and non-profitmaking conferences.
  3. Planning future meetings.

    The desirability of inviting evening speakers two years in advance was suggested, and it was resolved that the Bath Secretary should forward the list of suggested evening speakers to Strathclyde by October.
  4. Computerisation.

    Dr Woodall expressed anxiety that the Conference management package should not be lost, and reported that about 1/4 MB storage was required for it.
  5. Potential speakers.

    Lists of potential morning and evening speakers were compiled, and it was resolved to seek the advice of Dr J Gray of the OU concerning potential speakers on History of Mathematics.
  6. Other business.

    Dr Pears suggested that Abstracts of talks should be provided, that local members might wear colour coded badges, and that more evening events might be organised, such as discussions or the showing of OU videos.
Dr Burton thanked the East Anglia committee for organising the 42nd BMC, and the meeting concluded around 12 pm.

Minutes unsigned and undated.