General Meeting Minutes for 1990

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Lecture Theatre 1, University of East Anglia on Wednesday, 4th April 1990.

Dr A Camina was in the chair and the meeting opened at 1400 hours.
  1. The minutes of the general meeting held in Nottingham were circulated. A note was made that in minute 7 the name A D Sands should replace that of A C McBride. The minutes were then approved.
  2. There were no matters arising.
  3. The accounts of the Nottingham meeting were approved.
  4. The BMC was invited to the University of Wales at Cardiff.
  5. Dr Camina suggested that main Speakers at the Colloquium should be invited at least 18 months in advance. The propriety of this was questioned but it was pointed out that invitations are always at the discretion of the local Organising Committee and that suggestions could be placed with them.
  6. Six new members were elected to the Committee which now stands as (number of years in brackets)

    G R Burton (1) Bath Analysis
    A R Camina (2) UEA Group Theory
    G R Everest (2) UEA Number Theory
    D L Johnson (3) Nottingham Group Theory
    E C. Lance (1) LMS Analysis
    R R Laxton (4) Nottingham Ring Theory
    D K Oates (4) Exeter Analysis
    A R Pears LMS Topology
    E Scourfield (2) RHBNC Number Theory
    R J Steiner EMS Topology
    D R Woodall (3) Nottingham Combinatorics
    J Davenport (0) Bath Computer Science
    G Smith (0) Bath Algebra
    E Robertson (0) EMS
    D A R Wallace (0) Strathclyde
    A Chetwynd (0) Lancaster Graph Theory
    P E Newstead (0) Liverpool Geometry
  7. The Treasurers of the LMS and EMS were elected as auditors by acclamation.
  8. There was no other business.
The Meeting closed at 14.30 hours.

Minutes signed by G R Everest and A R Camina on 18 April 1990.