General Meeting Minutes for 1991

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in the University Hall, University of Bath on Tuesday, 26th March 1991 at 2pm.

Dr G R Burton was in the chair.
  1. Minutes of the previous meeting.

    The minutes of the 42nd General Meeting held at the University of East Anglia were approved after minor corrections.
  2. Matters arising.

    A discussion took place concerning the importance of ensuring that future BMC meetings should not clash with other major conferences.
  3. Accounts of the 42nd BMC.

    The accounts were approved after the correction of a typing error.
  4. Invitations for future Colloquia.

    The Meeting gratefully accepted invitations from Dr J Howie to Heriot-Watt University in 1995 and from Dr R J Bryant to the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology in 1996.
  5. Election of Committee.

    Three new members were elected to the Committee, after which the Committee membership stood as follows:

    Dr F T Brawn (Cardiff)
    Dr G R Burton (Bath)
    Dr A R Camina (East Anglia)
    Dr A G Chetwynd (Lancaster)
    Prof J H Davenport (Bath)
    Dr G R Everest (East Anglia)
    Dr D L Johnson (Nottingham)
    Prof E C Lance (Leeds - LMS nominee)
    Dr A C McBride (Strathclyde)
    Dr P E Newstead (Liverpool)
    Dr A R Pears (KCL - LMS nominee)
    Dr G C Smith (Bath)
    Dr E J Scourfield (RHBNC)
    Dr C J Smyth (Edinburgh - EMS nominee)
    Dr R J Steiner (Glasgow - EMS nominee)
    Dr D S G Stirling (Reading)
    Prof D A R Wallace (Strathclyde)
  6. Appointment of Auditors.

    The Honorary Treasurers of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and the London Mathematical Society were reappointed auditors of the BMC.
  7. Any other business.

    Dr Camina thanked the local organisers of the 43rd Colloquium, and the meeting closed at 2.30 pm.
Minutes signed by G R Burton (undated).