General Meeting Minutes for 1993

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Room G10 of the Palmer Building, University of Reading, at 2 pm on 30th March, 1993.

Professor Anthony Hilton was in the chair.
  1. The Minutes of the 1992 AGM at Strathclyde were accepted (proposed by D Collins, seconded D Salinger).
  2. Matters arising from the Minutes.
    The forthcoming Colloquia were reported to be:

    28th - 31st March 1994, at Cardiff,
    3rd - 6th April 1995, at Heriot-Watt,
    9th - 13th April 1996, at UMIST.

    Addresses for supply to publishers:
    No publishers had requested members' addresses in 1993.

    Numbers attending the Colloquium:
    the downward trend in numbers attending was noted, and the Committee asked to consider the matter.
  3. The accounts for the 1992 Colloquium were accepted (proposed by A Gardiner, seconded by A Camina).
  4. Election of committee.

    The existing committee members eligible to continue were
    Dr D J Collins (LMS) QMW
    Dr A Gardiner Birmingham
    Dr A C McBride Strathclyde
    Dr P E Newstead Liverpool
    Prof. J R Ringrose (LMS) Newcastle
    Dr P Rowlinson (EMS) Stirling
    Dr D L Salinger Leeds
    Dr R J Steiner (EMS) Glasgow
    Dr D S G Stirling Reading
    Prof. D A R Wallace Strathclyde.
    4. (continued)

    The following were elected to the committee in addition:
    Prof. D A Brannan Open
    Dr F T Brawn Cardiff
    Dr P A K Covey-Crump GCHQ
    Prof. A J W Hilton Reading
    Dr M A Youngson Heriot-Watt.
  5. The Treasurers of the Edinburgh and London Mathematical Societies were re-elected Honorary Auditors (proposed A Camina, seconded R Y Sharp).
  6. There being no other business, the meeting closed at 2.15 pm.
Minutes signed by D Stirling, Colloquium Secretary (undated).