General Meeting Minutes for 1997

A General Meeting of the British Mathematical Colloquium was held in Royal Holloway College, University of London on 15th April 1997.
  1. The Minutes of the 48th BMC, held at UMIST, were accepted.
  2. There were no matters arising.
  3. The Accounts of the 48th BMC at UMIST: these were accepted (proposed by Professor M J Dunwoody, seconded by Dr D J Collins).
  4. Invitations to future Colloquia:
    Professor E C Lance issued an invitation for the 52nd BMC to be held at The University of Leeds in the year 2000. This was accepted by acclamation.
    The dates of future Colloquia:
    The 51st BMC would be at Southampton, March 29 to April 1, 1999;
    the 52nd BMC would be at Leeds, April 11 to April 13, 2000.
  5. Election of Honorary Auditors:
    The treasurers of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and of the London Mathematical Society were re-elected (proposed by Professor E B Davies and seconded by Professor E C Lance).
  6. Election of an additional member of the Scientific Committee for 1997:
    Dr P E Newstead was elected (proposed by Professor E G Rees, and seconded by Professor E C Lance).
  7. Any Other Business:
    it was explained that topics for Special Sessions were not chosen so as to match the special research interests of the host department. There was a suggestion that the 50th BMC should be marked by a special dinner, or in some other way.
The meeting closed at 20.15 hours.

Minutes signed by G de Barra, Secretary, 49th BMC (undated).